This story from the Washingtonian says it all:

Like many retailers, [Ann Hand] started planning two years ago for a Hillary Clinton victory, but she says that two weeks before the election she realized Donald Trump might be on a winning streak and scrambled to come up with new memorabilia. Trump bangle bracelets and necklaces, carved picture frames and solid brass cufflinks emblazoned with the numerals “45″ (a hot seller at $150 a pair) arrived just in time for his upcoming inauguration.

But the moment those items hit her website the blowback was swift and stunning, Hand says. Some people were furious she had designed items for Trump. Others questioned her patriotism. One person called her “shameless” and said she’d do anything for a dollar. Another individual wrote threatening a boycott. And some former clients announced they were destroying all of the many baubles they had purchased over the years. Many of the emails are “horrible and disgusting,” Hand says. They’re still arriving.

“I was totally unprepared for this,” says Hand of the reaction. “Although there were many people who didn’t like George W. Bush and Obama I never got a single nasty word. These people are all very upset and bitter and it all comes out.”

A stalwart of permanent Washington, Mrs. Hand is married to Lloyd Hand, who was Lyndon  Johnson's chief of protocol. She began making jewelry as a way to cope after her son was killed in an automobile accident.  

Not even pillars of the old Washington social scene cans step out of line when it comes to the 2017 presidential inaugural. Mrs. Hand tells the magazine that  that inaguration-themed items are selling almost as well as Obama jewelry sold in 2008, however.