Remember “Leave Malia Alone”?

The horror on the left last summer that someone dared to post a video of the now-former president’s daughter smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette? Presidents’ children are supposed to be off-limits for the public spotlight, we were told over and over.

Malia Obama happened to be 18 by that time, a legal adult. But when she was a child and adolescent growing up in the White House, everyone, liberal and conservative, seemed to abide by the unwritten rule against prying into the lives of presidents’ minor children, much less making snide remarks about them. These kids haven’t asked to be in the limelight, so let’s respect their privacy and their feelings as vulnerable youngsters.

But now that the president is named Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, and happens to have a son who’s only 10 years old, what was that unwritten rule again?

Oh, right, it doesn’t apply to the children of the President Whom All Good People Hate—no matter how young those children are. So let the nastiness leveled at Barron Trump begin!

Where to start? Let’s start with Trump foe Rosie O’Donnell’s November video “Is Barron Trump Autistic?”

This despite the fact that no one—not Barron’s parents, not any doctor—had actually diagnosed any medical condition in Barron. O’Donnell took the video down after parents of autistic children complained that the video was just plain cruel and Melania Trump threatened to sue.

But lefties just love the idea that there’s something wrong with Barron and that it’s lots of fun to mock and shame him. Pajamas Media has collected the latest samples from Twitter:

From Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Isn’t that hilarious? And the potshot at religious parents who homeschool their children is even funnier because Barron actually attends a private elementary school in New York City like most Gotham kids whose parents have any money and want to avoid New York’s appalling public schools.

Then we have the clever Matt Oswald: “Barron Trump is wandering around the White House right now looking for stuff to burn.”

They just won’t let that autism meme alone, will they?

A tweeter called Mean Girl called Barron “that little s—.” Another tweeter commented, “I joked about water boarding Barron with his own urine.” Another said: “I don’t care that he’s a child.”

This is beyond rude. It’s just plain awful. As PJ’s Megan Fox writes:

It's clear that the Left is determined to do everything they can to hurt Trump, including libeling and terrorizing his innocent child—and all of us ought to make sure we don't allow it. Get on the socials and fight back for Barron, who has been put in a very tough situation very early in life. Pray for Barron and his family to withstand this evil. No matter whom you voted for, it is unacceptable to disparage minor children.

Amen. Stop picking on 10-year-olds, lefties and start picking on people your own size.