The night before President Trump's Jan. 20 election was Walpurgisnacht for leftist radicals who don't believe in the peaceful transition of power in a democracy. Burning cars! Flaming trashcans! Sucker punches! Blood in the streets!

And as the Daily Wire reported–about some violent protests at the scene of the DeploraBall, a party thrown by some of Trump's media supporters in downtown Washington, D.C.:

Below is a disturbing Fox News clip of a young boy proudly taking credit for a fire he started. When ask why he started the fire, the boy responded: "Because I felt like it and because I’m just saying screw our president!"

Everyone wondered who that kid was–and where his parents were while he was setting stuff ablaze. Then TMZ found out:

Drew Carey's son is the mystery kid from the Trump protest who claimed he started a bonfire and yelled, "Screw our president" … TMZ has learned.

News footage of the boy went viral after the inauguration eve protest in Washington D.C. — and we've confirmed it was 11-year-old Connor behind one of the night's most memorable moments.

Now, the TMZ story adds this:

A source close to Drew tells us Connor got caught up in the emotions of the crowd around him, and he was in hot water afterward. We're told Drew and Connor's mom were upset about how he expressed himself to the reporter, and talked to him about his language.

The source says Connor "regretted his choice of words" after the chat with his folks.

Or, rather–I'd hope–after his parents washed his mouth out with soap and grounded him for a month after explaining that arson is a felony.

What's interesting is that a TMZ reporter had covered the DeploraBall protest that night and reported this:

We literally bumped into "The Price Is Right" host when he casually walked through the massive anti-Trump rally going down in Washington, D.C. — where things had taken a violent turn shortly before he arrived. Great timing on his part.

Drew wasn't there for political reasons — he doesn't have a dog in the fight, and explained why this was more of a family trip for him.

Mmm, a "family trip." Let's see what's wrong with this parenting picture: Drew takes evening stroll with son Connor and then mysteriously loses him what with all the fun and excitement of watching people get slugged and trash receptacles turned into lanterns. Connor, meanwhile, although brought up never to use vulgar words set things on fire, gets so enthused by the carnage that he grabs a match and pitches in. Riiiight.

What kind of parent loses track of his child in the middle of a violence-racked riot? What kind of parent raises a child whose first thought on seeing said riot is to join it? And to wish ill upon the incoming president of the United States while he's at it?

There's an answer: a Hollywood parent.