The unfunny Chelsea Handler is bullying the First Lady of the United States, and it's not funny.

Handler has found a way to demean and debase Trump as well as all people living in the United States who don't speak her garbage-pail English.

In a recent interview she said she would not have Melania Trump on her show because "she can barely speak English." In addition, she doesn't respect the President and First Lady. I'm pretty sure neither of them are itching to go on her show and, frankly, she gains more from them boosting her ratings than her boosting their likability.

This is not the first time Handler has targeted Melania Trump. Handler makes a number of disgusting tweets making fun of her English or ability to understand English, calling into question Trump's fluency as well as her intelligence. There's nothing funny about the following tweets as the Daily Mail reports them:

10.19.16: "Sounds like he learned to say China from Melania. #debates"

10.28.16: "Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches…

Furthermore, in response to someone on Twitter telling Handler she thought Melania would bring grace and style back to the White House, Handler responded:

"… just as soon as she learns how to speak English."

Melania Trump is reportedly fluent in five languages, including French, Italian, German, Slovene, and English. Handler doesn't care about truth though, just vitriolic language that sounds more like something borrowed from the Know-Nothing Party.

After her comments Handler called for an end to divisiveness –probably not the kind she was spouting though:

'Divisiveness is not the answer,' Handler explained. 'And I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines, forget your party. 

'I'm registering as an Independent. I'm not gonna be a Democrat anymore because it's too divisive. This isn't working, this two-party system.' 

Sadly, where are the progressives and immigration supporters who fight so hard for those who land on our shores and want to be integrated in our society, but may struggle with the English language?

Also, would have Handler have made the same comments about former first lady Michelle Obama if she had come from somewhere else? I doubt it. 

And why haven't more than just a handful of news outlets outside of gossip websites picked up the comments?

As a first-generation immigrant, I personally find Handler's comments abhorrent. While I don't speak with an accent, I have close loved ones who do. They face discrimination from the moment they speak despite holding multiple degrees and being capable, tax-paying Americans.

Becoming an American and chasing the American dream are paramount goals for many immigrants, just like everyone else. No one should be the target of ridicule about their accents. 

Finally, in a contest over who speaks more proper English, Chelsea Handler's often graphic and expletive diatribes place her dead last.