Here's something that that you liberals who made fun of President Trump's chief aide Kellyanne Conway's inauguration outfit need to know:

Conway was as aware as you were that her red-collared navy-and-white double-breasted belted Gucci coat that looked like American Revolutionary War surplus was a joke. And more to the point, it was a joke on you, dear liberals.

Watch this video of Conway talking to reporters on the morning of Jan. 20:

On the morning of the Donald Trump's inauguration, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dressed in a Gucci jacket she described as "Trump Revolutionary Wear." She did a little dance in her outfit before answering reporters' questions.

In other words, Conway was broadcasting to the world that she knew the outfit looked silly, but it also had a point: Trump American-revolutionary wear for a Trump American revolution. Got it, liberals? You're over.

Conway would probably be the first to laugh at–and probably did laugh at–the Twitter jokes about her patriotic outfit that included red gloves, a red purse, and a red hat. Here are a few:

"Why does Kellyanne Conway look like the old New England Patriots logo?"

"Kellyanne Conway is taking some inspiration from the Hamilton wardrobe?

"Who wore it better: Kellyanne Conway or Paddington Bear?"

Furthermore, Conway, a mother of four who still looks terrific at age 50, is likely one of the few people in the world who can carry off a silly outfit.. The red cloche hat looked downright charming on her.

Of course that's one of the reasons why liberals feel compelled to haul out their snark catapults at the mere thought of Conway. Here's a snippet from the Hollywood Reporter:

In sum, if Donald Trump is going to war with the media — if he is to continue his war — Kellyanne Conway will be both his general and, likely, his cannon fodder. In this role, she has become an extraordinary focus of liberal rage in "the public cesspool that is Twitter," whose users refer to her, she summarizes, as "ugly, stupid, liar, meth queen."

"Meth queen" is liberal-speak for "has the svelte, long-legged figure of a fashion model."

But Kellyanne Conway is tough. She's tough enough to have the last laugh when the media make fun of her clothes.