Your humble blogger was unduly hesitant to report that Linda Sarsour, a national co-chair of the recent women's march, was a supporter of sharia law, which denies women the most basic of human rights. Eagle-eyed readers sent evidence and I updated the item.

I am guilty of not recalling or of not sufficiently researching Ms. Sarsour's role in reportedly trying to silence women who spoke out in the movie The Honor Diaries, which deals with Islamic honor killing and maiming of women. The heroic Ayan Hirsi-Ali, who has spoken out against the treatment of women in Islamic cultures, was executive producer of the film.   

Sarsour attempted to discredit the film, which describes the actions of courageous Muslim women who had suffered from "honor abuse," tweeting that it had been funded by groups that had been labeled hate groups. Andrew McCarthy and former Fox host Megyn Kelly discussed Sarsour and the movie on Kelly's show.

I'm not crazy about quoting Al Jazeera, but they did a story when the movie came out that prominently featured the future women's march leader's role in trying to discredit the film:

Linda Sarsour, civic engagement coordinator for the National Network for Arab American Communities and a self-described progressive women’s rights activist who said she is pro-choice, told Al Jazeera that even though some of the film’s featured activists may be “well-intentioned,” the documentary equates violence against women with Islam. “We don’t need Islamophobes to talk to us and tell the stories of oppressed and abused Muslim women," she said. "It’s just disingenuous."

. . .

Sarsour commended Brandeis for withdrawing the honorary doctorate [that it had planned to award Hirsi Ali]. "The problem we have with Ayaan Hirsi Ali,” she said, “is not that we invalidate her own experience, but she equates violence against women to Islam.” Sarsour added that “her story does not represent Islam or all Muslim women" and that Hirsi Ali "has few allies among Muslim women around the world."

What's disingenuous is having Ms. Sarsour lead the women's march.