Feminists couldn't get the presidential candidate of their choice elected on Nov. 8–but they do have a darned good chance of destroying the victor's daughter's business.

The post-election "Boycott Ivanka" movement has resulted in two major retail chains–Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus–dropping the Ivanka Trump fashion line. "Keep it up – don't let them make money off their bigotry," crowed columnist Jessica Valenti, the Madame LaFarge of the boycott push.

The boycott is organized ty #GrabYourWallet, the same outfit that’s behind a boycott of L.L.Bean merchandise because the original L.L. Bean's granddaughter donated to a pro-Donald Trump PAC. Besides Nordstrom and Neiman, #GrabYourWallet is trying to bully Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Lord & Taylor, T.J. Maxx, Zappos, and Amazon into ceasing to retail Ivanka's signature line of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

Never mind that Ivanka, in order to despel concerns about conflicts of interest, has divested herself any directorial or operational involvement in her fashion lines. The point of the boycott is to punish her for ther perceived sins of her father–and punish her good. And so we have Slate's Christina Cauterucci not just gloating over the Nordstrom and Neiman actions but trying to push Ivanka out of business completely:

Ivanka, with her seeming intelligence and glamour, made Donald Trump more palatable to wary voters; her poise and business success were direct contributors to his ascent to incomprehensible power. She didn’t call immigrants rapists, but she quit her company so the man who did could be president. As long as companies profit from the Trump name, they’re more likely to act in ways that legitimize and advance the Trump presidency—hence the blanket boycott of stores that carry Ivanka’s goods. The president’s favorite daughter has benefited from the “luxury and success” connotations of the Trump name. Now that she’s helped mainstream its association with Muslim bans and press suppression, she should suffer the consequences.

Cauterucci also briefly dons her fashion-critic hat to inform us that Ivanka's creations are "tacky" anyway: And also "by turns boring and gaudy."

So there! Let's put Ivanka into the tumbrel, and while we're at it sling some mud at her.

As Twitchy's Sarah D. writes: "Doesn’t seem very feminist-friendly, now does it?"