Ashley McGuire has hit on the real sex scandal of our day, and the title of her new book sums it up. The title of Ashley's book is: Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female.

We've been concerned since the beginning of IWF about the misguided move to deny that there are differences between men and women. So Ashley's book is a very welcome contribution to (as her Amazon blurb puts it) the literature of vive la différence!

Sex Scandal is hot off the presses and we've just ordered our copy, but meanwhile, Ashley has won favorable notice from some of our authors. Kate O'Beirne, author of Women Who Make the World Worse, writes:

In her important book Sex Scandal, Ashley McGuire sounds the alarm on the destructive drive to eliminate sex differences. With devastating facts and figures she exposes the radical gender warriors who deny reality as the enemy of women’s true equality.”

Mary Ebserstadt, author of Dangerous to Believe, How the West Really Lost God, is likewise enthusiastic:

A masterful indictment of the Sexual Revolution and all its empty promises, Sex Scandal establishes Ashley McGuire as a powerful new voice and leader in the rising counterculture. Stylishly written, morally urgent, and logically flawless, this breakthrough book is essential reading for an age of delusion.

Muckraking Michelle Malkin, author of Culture of Corruption and Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, is impressed with Ashley's courage in tackling the subject:

Human biology is under siege—at the workplace, on the playing field, in classrooms and bathrooms, and even in our dictionaries! In this ground-breaking and meticulously researched book, Ashley McGuire plunges into every front of the progressives’ war on the sexes. She rips the lid off the Left’s obliteration of the fundamental differences between men and women. She exposes the profound havoc militant feminists and gender-bending crusaders are causing in our schools and culture. Sex Scandal searingly documents how the radical pursuit of ‘gender neutrality’ threatens true equality for all. McGuire’s work is both an invaluable resource and a brave public service.

Jonathan Last, author of What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster, notes Ashley's in-depth reporting:

The ‘war on boys’ turned into a rout and we now live in an Orwellian society where everything about ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ is dictated to us by a group of powerful, ideological bullies. Ashley McGuire documents where we are, how it happened, and what’s next in exacting—and harrowing—detail.

IWF congratulates Ashley on the reception of her book and expects Amazon Prime to deliver us a good (if alamring) read momentarily!