Outcome of the Women's March on Washington: Hundreds of thousands of women across America now own an ugly pink hat.

And now, according to the Washington Post's fashion critic/anti-Trump cheerleader Robin Givhan, they can own a whole range of ugly clothes, not just a hat. Shoes, coats, gloves–they can look hideous from head to toe.

That's because, as Givhan puts it, fashion designers have become "woke." And none too soon. Here's Givhan's description of how couturiers have recast themselves as social justice warriors after Jan. 21:

Fashion’s message of power unfolds as poetry. Pure outrage has given way to resistance.

The designer Mara Hoffman was one of dozens of fashion industry folks at the Women’s March in Washington and she helped raise funds for the rally. She was hardly a newbie protester, but she returned to Seventh Avenue inspired and energized.

“The turnout was unbelievable to me. There was this kind of ‘holy cow’ moment; these women just pulled off something I’ve never seen before,” Hoffman said in an interview before her Monday afternoon show. “In response to seeing that incredible thing happening, how do you continue that?”

As Givhan explains it, the designers were so sputtering mad that somehow Donald Trump had become president that they practically pricked themselves with their own sewing needles:

Beginning with the menswear shows earlier this month, the runways here have been filled with examples of designers expressing their political point-of-view, their outrage at the Trump administration, their melancholy over the direction of the country, their fears.

So what did they do? They consulted fashion guru Linda Sarsour. She's the one who thinks sharia law is fabulous and supports boycotting Israel–plus she rocks those totes chic hijabs!

Hoffman decided to invite Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory — the women who took the lead in organizing the march in Washington — to participate in her runway show. Hoffman wanted them there to speak, to underscore their leadership and highlight their strength — as well as celebrate their beauty.

And a fashion show wouldn't be a fashion show without the the two P's: poets and Planned Parenthood:

Designer Tracy Reese took the lead in an initiative sponsored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America to highlight the role Planned Parenthood plays in providing medical services in various communities. At a host of shows, designers are handing out bright pink buttons that read, “Fashion stands with Planned Parenthood.” But for the presentation of her fall 2017 collection, which was set in a cozy townhouse in the West Village, she did more. She invited four female poets — Dorothea Lasky, Aja Monet, Leslie Reese and Jenny Zhang — to read personal works of inspiration and determination as her models posed in a salon-like setting.

Designer Prabal Gurung also did his social-justice bit as John Lennon's "Imagine" wafted over the catwalk:

He followed a collection of thick, ivory knits, colorful fur coats, sleek printed dresses and ribbed knit dresses — shown on sample size models as well as plus-size ones — with  a finale in which all the models wore t-shirts bearing declarations of defiance, personal identity and resistance. The future is female. Stay woke. Love is love. I am a Gloria. I am a Malala. You can’t stop me.

Other must-have Grabal T-shirt slogans: "Nevertheless She Persisted" and "Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights." Wow! Original!

And then there were the clothes! My favorite woke designer: Raymond Chan, who specializes in puffy down coats with knee-length sleeves–each worn over another puffy down coat. Perfect for a night outside in the cold setting fire to trash cans near the White House. And don't miss the hospital-operating-room-style puffy booties with which Chan accessorizes his double-down coat twins.

And you won't want to miss Prabal Gurung's oversize sweater that looks like a knit small intestine.

Aren't you overjoyed that the fashion industry has become socially aware? Now, Jan. 21 wasn't the only day you could look ugly. You can look ugly all the time!