The New York Sun's Mr. X goes incognito to the Fairway, where the denizens of New York's Upper West Side buy their groceries, and this is what happens:

At Fairway, I’m standing in the checkout line behind a lady with a walker. Congressman Jerry Nadler walks by carrying a basket of groceries. The old lady recognizes him and yells out: “When are you going to get rid of Trump?”

Mr. Nadler, whom I’m sure is constantly accosted by his constituents on the Upper West Side, answers back with a smile: “We’re working on it.”

I usually keep my mouth shut when it comes to these UWS moments; there’s just no way you win. But, uncharacteristically, I ask the lady: “How do you think he should do this?”

“Impeach him,” she exclaims.

“Just impeach him?” I ask. “What’s the crime?”

“Humph,” she explains, as she gives me her back.

Although some in the anti-Trump movement like to compare what is happening to the Tea Party, the two movements could not be more different. The Tea Party wanted to argue.  

I can remember Tea Party people lined up outside as members of Congress filed in to vote on ObamaCare. Armed with arguments, the Tea Party fanned out to try to give Members reasons not to vote for ObamaCare.

But here's how the anti-Trump people phrase their argument: Humph.

And what does Mr. Nadler mean by, "We're working on it"? Does it mean that Nadler and other Democratic Members of the House are coming up with plans that benefit the nation, or that they are trying to find ingenious ways to oust a duly-elected president?

It is depressing that something so grave as impeachment is being discussed this way.