The news media is abuzz these days with reports that people are beginning to love their ObamaCare and don't want mean Republicans to take it away from them.

When actual ObamaCare clients are surveyed, however, a different picture emerges. Investors Business Daily reports on a study of customer satisfaction:

It found that just 22% of the 44,200 ObamaCare enrollees polled rate their health plan as good to excellent. That's down from 77% who gave their ObamaCare plans high marks last year.

The reason for the sharp decline was higher premiums, worse service and lack of choice. The survey, conducted by Black Book Market Research, found that 96% reported a decline in customer service support, 90% noted premium increases, 80% said their plans had narrower provider networks, and 77% said their plans' benefits had been trimmed. Nearly two-thirds (61%) complained about lack of competitors in their market.

In other words, the collapse of competition in the ObamaCare exchanges — which left five states and a third of U.S. counties with only one ObamaCare insurer — has led to the rapid deterioration in quality.

Black Book managing partner Douglas Brown says that the remaining plans "failed to congruently ramp up member services support to process claims, respond to enrollment issues, answer provider questions, denials, authorizations, and payment."

Apparently, ObamaCare is fine if you get the max in government subsidies. Otherwise, not so much. It appears that outside the lowest income levels only the sickest Americans are buying ObamaCare policies. Thus the number of policies sold to these income brackets is not enough to sustain the system.

IBD concludes:

ObamaCare is failing. And this failure is hurting the very people ObamaCare was supposed to help. Those are incontrovertible facts that can't be papered over by raucous protests organized by liberal activist groups.

The question now is whether obstructionist Democrats will let this suffering continue out of spite for Trump and the GOP, or whether they will they join with Republicans on a replacement plan that will actually work.

Or maybe the media could just continue to write stories about how much people love ObamaCare and perhaps people won't know that they dislike the current system.