The Hill reports:

Ads on two New York City subway cars were changed overnight into anti-Trump "resist" posters as an act of protest and to encourage political activism, Gothamist reported Thursday. 

The posters, originally part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s "If you see something, say something" safety campaign, were converted to include a new message. 

One, which talks about a New Yorker who reported a "suspicious" bag instead read: "I felt like a hero reporting what I saw. But what scares me more than an unattended package is an unattended politician. We have to keep an eye on how our representatives vote and hold them accountable."

Where the posters usually asked subway riders to report suspicious activity, they instead had new calls to action, such as "Stay awake, not afraid. Scared people are easy to manipulate. #Resist," and "Call your representatives. Tell them you're watching."

The artist told Gothamist that they respected the importance of the original campaign, but in light of "the state of the world we're in … wanted to do something that took that conversation to and elevated it so people could be vigilant beyond what's directly in front of their eyes."

"Yes, terrorism is a real issue," the artist added. "But aren't the behaviors of our government … and these ideas of how the media is straying into fake news, aren't all of these things contributing to an atmosphere that makes us more unsafe, that gives rise to terrorism, that makes us panic?"

This should be a really good way to appeal to tourists from the heartland who voted for Donald Trump. Not crazy or anything.