Conservative leaders on Wednesday joined a call by Media Research Center President Brent Bozell that journalists fairly — and accurately — cover Senator Chuck Schumer’s "shameless" attempts to trash Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

On Wednesday, Schumer held a press conference in which he sneered, “Judge Gorsuch may act like a neutral, calm judge, but his record and his career clearly show he harbors a right-wing, pro-corporate, special interests agenda.” 

Here are the statements from conservative leaders and groups on media fairness and Judge Gorsuch.

"Those who object to Judge Gorsuch inevitably tell us more about themselves than they do about him. The simple fact is that Judge Gorsuch is a great example of intellect, experience, balance and judicial temperament, and his opponents are not.”

Colin Hanna
President, Let Freedom Ring

“The Constitution is paramount law governing government, and was created to safeguard people from the abuse of arbitrary power.  False narratives by Democrat Chuck Schumer and his Party allies in the press designed to derail Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Gorsuch and his faithful adherence to this law over government will only serve to solidify their role as the Party of lawless, lawbreaking government, and against the people.”
Mark Fitzgibbons
President of Corporate Affairs
American Target Advertising, Inc.

“I understand why Chuck Schumer is upset with Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. Schumer wants a judge that will favor the demands of the radical left as opposed to the Constitution and the will of the people as embodied in democratically enacted legislation rights for the demands of radical progressives. Fortunately, the minority leader is out of step with the nation and many in his own party. Judge Grouch deserves to be confirmed."

Michael Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

"Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is a mainstream jurist who respects the Constitution.
He should sail through Senate confirmation. Only one thing could stop him – if the media empowers a campaign of personal destruction from the far left."

Gary Bauer
President, American Values

"Each Senator has a duty to consider any and all nominees objectively and to treat them fairly.  By that standard, leading a campaign against a nominee who has yet to come before the body is a dereliction of duty.  When that nominee is of such distinction as Judge Gorsuch, such dereliction is incredulous."

James C. Miller III
Budget Director for
President Ronald Reagan

"Justice Neil Gorsuch is a universally respected legal mind, earning support from across the political spectrum.  The Senate Democrats don't have a problem with Gorsuch as such; they have a problem remaining relevant to working class Americans.  
So total is the rejection of the renegade progressive agenda, that Democrats are now at risk of becoming a regional party rather than a national one: 33 Republican governors, 32 Republican-led state legislatures, six more are split between the two parties, a Republican Congress, a Republican president, and 100 federal court vacancies and 890 authorized federal judicial positions — is it any wonder why Schumer has to lash out?"

Reasonable observers know Gorsuch's quality, even if for cynical political purposes the Senate Democrats feel forced to oppose him.  Nevertheless, the opposition to Gorsuch reveals the deep institutional, intellectual, and ethical rot within a hollowed out Democratic Party."
Andrea Lafferty
Women For A Great America

“Sen. Schumer is leading the left’s charge to extend Alinsky-style community organizing to a national scale.  Americans will soon have a belly full of the left’s outrageous attempts to monopolize all power in our country.”

Morton Blackwell
The Weyrich Lunch 

"All Chuck Schumer and the Democrats care about is creating as much gridlock as possible. Judge Gorsuch has wide support from across the political board, including former senior Obama administration officials. He's independent, accomplished, and exceedingly well qualified – which was how the American Bar Association rated him. He will acquit himself well in the hearings and will be confirmed."
The Honorable J.Kenneth Blackwell 
Constitutional Congress, Inc 

"Brent Bozell is right; the double standard on coverage of Judge Gorsuch and other Trump nominees has been truly breathtaking. It started with the trashing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and has been raised to new heights with the coverage of Judge Gorsuch. All Americans want from the establishment media are the unbiased facts and they are not getting them about Judge Gorsuch."

Richard Viguerie

"Judge Gorsuch is in the mold of a great jurist, his friend, the late Antonin Scalia. Above reproach. Sterling judicial record. But blind partisans, led Chuck Schumer in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House, will vote No out of habit to cater to the demands of the rag tag remnants of a once formidable national Democratic Party. Sad."  

Jim Martin
60 Plus Association
Kill the Death Tax

“Judge Gorsuch is highly qualified mainstream jurist who will defend the Constitution.  The left’s permanent obstruction campaign against President Trump – led by Senator Schumer – has nothing to offer the American people except empty partisan attacks, this time against Judge Gorsuch.  The ten Senate Democrats representing states carried by President Trump who are up for re-election in 2018 should vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch without delay.” 

David Bossie
Citizens United 

"Judge Gorsuch has proven that he's committed to following the law and the Constitution consistently and evenly–exactly what any fair-minded person should want from any judge. Sen. Schumer's call to place results and personal politics above the law shows how little he values true democracy."

Mario H. Lopez 
President, Hispanic Leadership Fund

"When Sen. Schumer speaks, the press should be respectfully skeptical and fact check his assertions and hold him accountable for his misstatements. Instead, the press has generally given him a free pass and prefers to exercise skepticism with only one side in the debate. The result is a diminished press. We call upon the press to start playing it straight and to hold all politicians accountable and to honestly fact-check both sides. While I am doubtful that they will change their ways, both they and the public would benefit from an honest press."

George Landrith
Frontiers of Freedom 

“Next week, Judge Neil Gorsuch will have an opportunity to introduce himself to the American public during his confirmation hearings. It is important for the people, and the media, to remember that a nominee must not comment on cases or issues that might come before the Supreme Court. This standard was laid out at Justice Ginsburg's hearing in 1993 by then-Senator Biden and has been adhered to by every Supreme Court nominee since.”

Erin Hawley
Senior Legal fellow
Independent Women’s Forum