Didn't get into Harvard?

That's OK–you can go to Harvard Resistance School!

It's even more popular than Harvard–and it's right on the Harvard campus, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Timothy P. McCarthy stood at the front of a classroom on Wednesday evening in Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Students and Boston-area residents filled every seat in the room. Online more than 15,000 people in all 50 states and 20 countries tuned in to a livestream.

"Welcome to Resistance School," said Mr. McCarthy, an adjunct lecturer on public policy who studies social movements. "Our first class is now in session." Mr. McCarthy’s lecture and Q. and A. kicked off a free, four-course series developed by Harvard graduate students who say they want to help harness the passion that has grown out of recent anti-Trump protests and turn a moment into a fully fledged, sustainable movement.

A caveat: You can't get Harvard course credits for your four Resistance School classes, alas. But that may be because the content of the curriculum more resembles that of another two-syllable school whose initial letter is "H":

The students have likened their efforts to Dumbledore’s Army, a student-led movement organized to battle the villain Lord Voldemort in the fictional Harry Potter series.

And just who might the new Lord Voldemort be? McCarthy was a little cagey:

Mr. McCarthy also did his best not to say Mr. Trump’s name throughout the evening, referring to the president instead as "he," "him," and "45."

Here's the Resistance School faculty list:

Confirmed speakers for the next three sessions include Sara El-Amine, the former executive director of Organizing for Action, President Barack Obama’s grass-roots movement; Marshall Ganz, a senior lecturer in public policy at Harvard and veteran activist; and Michael Blake, a New York State lawmaker and the newly elected vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Obama? Democratic National Committee? Is the Resistance School actually a school–or is it a recruiting office designed to fire up more young people to go to work for the Democrats?

Then there's McCarthy himself, as described in 2016 in the Huffington Post:

Timothy Patrick McCarthy is core faculty and director of the Sexuality, Gender, and Human Rights Program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. He also served as a founding member of Barack Obama’s National LGBT Leadership Council.

More Obama. The former president seems to be the Dumbedore in this Hogwarts–I mean Harvard–venture.

The classes, listed on the Resistance School website, bear titles such as "How to Mobilize and Organize Our Communities" and "How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action."

Most interesting is the Resistance School syllabus, which includes, according to the Chronicle, "the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, and Malcolm X’s 1964 "Ballot or the Bullet" speech, among others."

The Declaration of Independence! Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address! I'll bet those aren't on the reading lists of most regular Harvard courses–or courses at many other colleges, either. So there may be something to going to the Resistance School, after all.