So now how do you comb your hair and fix your lipstick?

According to ABC News:

A high school in California has hung in its girls' bathroom signs of affirmation instead of mirrors.

Laguna Hills High School students look at signs that say things like, "You are beautiful" and "You are enough," instead of looking at their reflections.

Ths signs were the brainchild of Laguna Hills High student Sabrina Astle, age 17:

She continued, "The signs have helped people remember that everyone is beautiful, everyone is important, everyone is good enough and everyone should be treated equally.

The signs got an endorsement from, of all places, Cosmopolitan magazine, an odd choice given that Cosmo has an entire section devoted to making yourself "look beautiful" via product promos ranging from "12 Genius Beauty Products You Need for Your Next Beach Vacay" to makeup maven Huda Katton's new line of nude lipsticks: "Sends Nudes Wearing One of Huda's Lipsticks" If everyone is already beautiful, why would anyone need products? Still Cosmo's Elizabeth Narins gushed:

This high school did something wonderful in place of mirrors to flatter every student.

The signs seem to be part of the "body positivity" movement, in which every woman is supposed to think of herself as beautiful…if only she didn't look in the mirror.

It's sort of like a participation trophy in the looks category. But wouldn't it be more productive if girls were encouraged to access their own looks honestly and then figure out how to dress, wear their hair, and do their makeup so as to accentuate their positive attributes and downplay the negative?

But we can't have that–because isn't everyone a special snowflake nowadays?