Quote of the Day:

“So after we decided that, the question came of who could speak authoritatively across a number of issues about the US and we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting than Anna Wintour.”

— Business of Fashion founder, CEO and editor-in-chief Imran Amed

It's odd to view Anna Wintour as being authoritative on U.S. politics or other issues, though she is definitely the ultimate arbiter of fashion.

That caveat aside, it is interesting that the Brit-born American Vogue editor of 29 years, a Clinton and Obama bundler, is expressing more realistic ideas about the Trump era than many in the fashion world.

The London Telegraph has an interesting interview with Wintour, under whose editorship Vogue for the first time ever endorsed a presidential  candidate (yes, it was she). At one point, Wintour was seen as a possible choice for an ambassadorship. Her remarks may surprise you:

Nearly six months on, though, she is forthright, yet pragmatic about what Trump’s administration will mean. “There’s no point about whining or complaining or screaming.

The country voted. So what can we do now to be most helpful and to also stand up for what we believe in?” she says, quoting designer Diane von Furstenberg, in the Business of Fashion profile. “Dissent is not enough.”

Like many in New York society, Wintour was acquainted with the Trump family long before The Donald’s political rise. She is gracious regarding the First Daughter, Ivanka, who has taken a prominent role at the White House since January.

“Ivanka has had a long history with the magazine, and I have respect for Ivanka and everything that she has achieved.”

Despite her personal opposition to the new administration, Wintour promises that Vogue’s coverage will continue in the vein of its heritage.

“It doesn’t mean that we are necessarily agreeing with everything that they say, but a lot of the country does,” she explains, adding that a cover shoot with First Lady Melania Trump is not off the cards.

“We always photograph or cover in some way the first ladies, so… I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t at some point cover the first lady.”

Despite her exalted status in the fashion world, Wintour may be going where other fashionistas will not follow. It will be worthwatching to see if this is a harbinger of the fashion world's mellowing out about the Trumps. 

Not counting on it, but Wintour does have vast clout.