It's Cinco de Mayo time, which means it's time for the stern lecture on Cinco de Mayo "cultural appropriation."

That used to mean: Don't wear a fake mustache to the tequila bar.

Now it means: Don't go to the tequila bar at all. Instead support some dreary political cause or other.

Here's an example of the old:

"7 Tips to Help You Avoid Cultural Appropriation on Cinco de Mayo," from Mic in 2016:

Are you a white person? Please don't wear a sombrero.


Please avoid making up Spanish words which do not exist, like "El Bruncho."

and, of course:

If you must smash a piñata, it would be ideal if you pick a Donald Trump one.

At least the old Cinco de Mayo lecture let you actually down some tequila and have some fun, as long as you avoided offensive headgear and didn't make that a Hillary Clinton pinata. But the new Cinco de Mayo lecture is about not having fun at all:

Here's a sample, from 303 magazine in Denver just yesterday:

Donate or get involved as an ally for Latino-based organizations

  • Suggestion: Here are some organizations that support the Latino community: Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC), Mi Casa Resource Center or you can check out this list for different national organizations that benefit the Latino community.

And here's another, from yesterday's ColorLines:

Donate to Border Angels

Donate to MALDEF 

Donate to the Immigrant Youth Coalition 

Find out ways to uplift the immigrant and refugee community

Fight against gentrification of latinx areas

And here's Wear Your Voice, the "intersectional feminist media" site:

Instead of appropriating Mexican culture and drinking until you are blotto this Cinco de Mayo, why not celebrate the people who enrich our culture by learning a bit about theirs? Check out these five Mexican and Chicanx musicians and settle in with a cup of tea. Leave the partying to those who were actually affected by The Battle of Puebla.

Oh dear, tea, "Chincanx" music, and writing out a check to MALDEF.

I miss the old Cinco de Mayo "cultural appropriation" lecture.