Oh my, Feminist Baby!

It's the new She Persisted (already!–since Chelsea's book isn't even officially out yet). It's definitely the new I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark (which has been out since September 2106).

They're all part of an important literary genre: The Didactic Children's Book That Isn't Actually For Children But Makes Their Progressive Parents Feel Virtuous.

The template: Large print, cute Illustrations, and a message–always some "progressive" (preferably feminist) message–that hits you over the head like Amy Schumer dropped from 50 stories. Your kids are guaranteed to hate these books and beg to go back to playing Pie Face–but you, dear mother and dad, can bask in the knowledge that you've "empowered" your little darling to grow up and become an irritating  ultra-liberal Supreme Court justice who falls asleep during State of the Union addresses but otherwise won't shut up.

Feminist Baby, by Buzzfeed staff cartoonist Loryn Brantz and currently No. 1 in baby books on Amazon, is a stellar exemplar of the genre. It's a board book, so it looks just like a real book for babies, but its four-frame comic-book content is strictly for Feminist Mom. Here's a sample:

Male doctor (handing newborn wrapped in pink blanket to mother in hospital bed): She's beautiful.

Baby: *cough, cough*

Baby: I'm smart and capable too.

(Mother and doctor gape with astonishment.)

Yup, there are lots of people out there who just love this sort of thing–and who cares if they're age 33, not age 3?

Such as Bustle's Emma Lord:

[I]f we're going to make real progress over the next few decades to prevent another 2016 from happening again, we're going to have to start in utero, y'all. Meet Feminist Baby, who is here to prove that your feminist heroes come in all shapes and diapers.

And Emily McCombs at the Huffpost:

In the comics, Feminist Baby serves as an underage heroine bent on smashing the patriarchy and subverting tired traditions like the “gender reveal.” The panels provide both political commentary (she punches Steve Bannon who is dressed as a Nazi) and silly comic relief. But while they’re aimed at different audiences, both the comics and the book express the same basic message.

No, your baby isn't likely to get much out of Feminist Baby unless she's teething on it. But you, oh-so-politically correct parent, definitely will.