Tiffany Trump, the president’s 23-year-old younger daughter, will be attending the prestigious Georgetown Law School come this fall.

Georgetown ranks No. 15 among America’s best law schools, according to U.S. News

Nonetheless, the liberal media have issued a veritable Corpus Juris Secundum of snark about this achievement of Tiffany, a 2016 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, itself an elite bastion of the Ivy League.

The Washington Post: Tiffany is basically a rich dumb bunny who got in solely because she’s Donald Trump’s daughter

Other than delivering brief remarks at the 2016 GOP convention, she’s best known as one of the “Rich Kids of Instagram,” a group of wealthy millennials who chronicle their gilded lives on social media….

The first hint of her interest in law came last summer, when she posted a photo of study guides for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and a blond bitmoji avatar with the slogan “I Got This.” Sharp-eyed observers noticed a practice test with plenty of incorrect answers, but she didn’t take the real exam until Dec. 3, when she was spotted at the City University of New York in Long Island City….

“The issue is how much a school would be willing to deviate from their normal LSAT standards for a famous person,” says [Above the Law website proprietor David] Lat, who graduated from ­No. 1-ranked Yale Law School. The most elite universities always make a few exceptions for wealthy donors, celebrity students and, yes, presidents’ kids.

The New York Times: Tiffany presents “security” problems—and by this the NYT doesn’t mean the logistics of having Secret Service officers in the classroom, as Malia Obama, currently attending Harvard as an undergrad, undoubtedly maneuvers:

Brenna Gautam, a first-year law student, said that security was among the primary concerns raised by her fellow classmates on Monday on a private Facebook group for Georgetown law students: “How will this impact our peers who may be personally threatened by her father’s policies?” Ms. Gautam asked, referring to gay and transgender students, and students who are minorities.

Slate: Tiffany needs to use her law school  classes as a chance to get woke:

Free Press Seminar
From the First Amendment onward, this class will be full of surprises for the Trump administration. What do you mean the media isn’t the “opposition party”?

Gender and Sexuality: Law and Theory
Would be great to have someone with the president’s ear be able to communicate to him that women and LGBTQ people are humans and have rights….

Tax Practice and Procedure
Day 1, Lesson 1: You have to pay taxes, some members of the Trump family may be surprised to learn.

Oh boy. Tiffany, you thought Torts 101 was going to be a rough ride. But at least you’ll get quite a bit of experience in litigating.