Gee, sad: Everyday Feminism is on the brink of shutting down for lack of funds.

And if that happens, how on earth are people going to get cured of their "toxic whiteness"?

In case you've never heard of Everyday Feminism, here's a description from Heat Street:

Everyday Feminism often reads like a social justice warrior version of The Onion, and features articles like “What Gender Means to Me As a Married Man Who Likes to Wear Women’s Clothing,” “Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?,” and “3 Practical Ways to Challenge Gender Norms in Heterosexual Marriages.”

And there's even more: articles demonstrating that national parks are racist, "4 Reasons You Don't Have to Be Afraid of Your Fatness," and "Helping You Heal from Gaslighting.

But it was Everyday Feminism's 10-week (!) online course in "Healing Your Toxic Whiteness" that ran in the fall of 2016 that took the gender-norm-challenging wedding cake.

On any given week, a video of police violence, another one of Trump’s comments, and other blatant evidence of systemic racism spreads across the media and internet. 

The racism in these words and actions is so clear to you. But you’ve seen how so many white people, including your friends and family, are refusing to acknowledge that reality. Their defensiveness may leave you feeling angry and at a loss for words.

You've realized that white supremacy is so normalized that many white people, even if they believe racism is wrong, fight to deny the existence and impact of racism on people of color – even though people of color tirelessly point it out.

So if you forked over $300 to Everyday Feminism (which plans to hold more such courses in the future), you could:

·  Identify the pain that’s behind your resistance and struggle to take action for racial justice

·  Give your pain the gentle, loving care and attention it deserves, while holding the space for others to do the same

·  Get back all the time and energy you normally spend on feeling confused, anxious, and angry with yourself and others and direct them towards taking action instead

And much, much more–let the healing begin!

But  social-justice wisdom comes at a price–and he price Everyday Feminism is paying is this:

We’re facing scary financial trouble that’s threatening to put a halt to our work – maybe even as soon as the end of May.

Seems that the revenue from "Healing Your Toxic Whiteness" and those ads for organic fish oil on the Everyday Feminism site haven't been paying the freight:

And since we’re a bootstrapped independent media organization comprised primarily of queer people of color, that money to pay for this important work doesn’t come from venture capitalists or a large media conglomerate – which is sometimes the case for other media sites.

So donate now and save Everyday Feminism from the brink! Although your donation won't be tax-deductible:

[W]e’re a social justice committed organization, but not a nonprofit.

In other words, for all its highmindedness, Everyday Feminism wants to make a buck or two, just like those "venture capitalists."