It's nice to see prominent females deviate a little from the feminist-approved script. As Patrice wrote this morning, the newly crowned Miss USA is coming under fire for what's considered her "controversial" comments on healthcare and feminism. And now, this morning, I read that a Hollywood star has gone off script. What's next? Hillary starts to make sense?

According to Sabastian Shakespeare's must-read column in the Daily Mail, actress and ex-wife of tech billionaire Elon Musk Talulah Riley slammed wishy washy feminist Emma Watson for her "confusing" campaign on gender equality. 

Talulah supports equal rights for women, but can’t stand the way Watson’s HeForShe crusade appears to seek to eliminate differences between the sexes.

‘Men and women should have equal rights, of course, but [they] are also different and there’s nothing wrong with that,’ Talulah tells me. ‘We don’t have to start unifying gender in order to establish political equality.’

Riley, who has twice divorced U.S. tech billionaire Elon Musk, says of Watson’s drive: ‘The HeForShe campaign creates a lot of confusion when it comes to gender equality, because people are getting stuck in a semantic argument, rather than addressing the actual issue. People are associating gender equality with being exactly the same and, of course, that’s not what it means.

‘You lose the real issue when you have that confusion.’

One never likes to assign too much power to celebrities and I've made a career of telling people to ingore celebrity advice. Yet, these sorts of moments are good to see. They show a shift in the narrative and a brave willingness on the part of these two women to stand up for their own beliefs–rather unpopular beliefs at moment that go against the popular culture.

Let's hope women are inspired by these moments and start to question the script.