As Canadian conservative blogger Kathy Shaidle always says: Journalists! Your moral and intellectual superiors!

And no journalist more morally and intellectually superior than CNN's Chris Cillizza, who has decided that once and for all we must "stop talking about Anthony Weiner, the former New York City congressman–and, by the way, husband of Hillary Clinton lady-in-waiting Huma Abedin–who just pled guilty to sending obscene photos to a 15-year-old girl.

"Now, can we please agree to just stop talking about Weiner?," Cillizza asks in his "editor-at-large" column for CNN Politics.

He elaborates:

Here's the thing: We know that Weiner craves attention — even the negative kind. What else would explain his decision to allow documentary cameras into his slow-motion trainwreck mayoral campaign? (The resulting film — appropriately titled "Weiner" — is absolutely terrific, by the way.)

Or, even more fundamentally, his decision to run for mayor even as it had to be abundantly clear to him that he still had lots and lots of problems — and that the best thing for his wife and, at the time, toddler son was not, in fact, to run a high-profile political campaign?…

The legal proceedings are now closed. Weiner is totally irrelevant politically. His wife, who remains a major player in Hillary Clinton's orbit, has filed for divorce, according to CNN's Dan Merica. There's literally no reason to write or talk about Anthony Weiner anymore.

Hmm, what caught my eye was Cillizza's phrase "wife, who remains a major player in Hillary Clinton's orbit."

In other words, Hillary, although appearing to be a dying red giant star right now, seems to be hoping for a comeback (perhaps through daughter Chelsea) as a blazing-hot white-pantsuited dwarf star in her final poltical phase. Thus we can't have any more focus on the pervy-looking soon-to-be-ex-husband of Planet Huma. (Although I've got to agree with Cillizza on this one point: "Weiner" was indeed an absolutely terrific movie, which, even though I watched on a plane with no sound, managed to get its point across strictly on the visuals.)

As Breitbart's Adam Shaw points out:

It isn’t the first time Cillizza has sought to end discussion on a difficult political subject for Democrats. Writing for The Washington Post in 2016, Cillizza wrote a piece, “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?” which complained about “wacky theories that emerge out of the fever swamps on the very fringe of the conservative movement.”

Less than a week later, at a Sept. 11 memorial, Clinton collapsed and was pictured being dragged into a van by aides. The same day, Cillizza wrote a new hot take: “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign.”

Cillizza concludes:

There' are plenty of other intriguing people, places and things happening in politics. Let's cover them instead.

And one of those "intriguing people" whom Cillizza loves to cover is–well, I think, you, dear readers can guess. And I'm willing to bet Cillizza will never be willing to "end discussion" on his–and the Democrats'–favorite political whipping boy..