The picture of Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of our president is depraved.  Depraved is defined as morally corrupt and wicked, marked by corruption or evil.  Griffin’s photo shoot was undoubtedly depraved.

This formerly little known “quasi-celebrity” chose to pull such a sick stunt right after our nation honored its fallen heroes, veterans and current members of the United States military on Memorial Day. As most non-depraved Americans were returning to their lives after the holiday, Griffin decided to imitate a terror tactic.

It obviously didn’t occur to her that American soldiers have fought recently (and are continuing to do so) against those depraved forces seeking to terrorize, behead, and destroy cultures other than their own. 

It obviously didn’t occur to her that by using a prop of President Trump in this manner, millions of Americans would be horrified. It couldn’t have occurred to her this stunt would disturb and sadden those closest to the president, namely family members, including an eleven year old, who don’t deserve to see such an image of their husband or father.

As the public outcry grew louder she apologized.  She apologized, because of reactions she had seen on social media.  In her apology she said she was sorry for “moving the line” and “crossing the line.” What line is in place that monitors the decapitation of our president? There isn’t a line, because it doesn’t pass as humor. What she did was not funny, unless of course, you are a member of ISIS.

During her apology and her nauseating press conference days later, Grffin persisted in the odd belief that beheading jokes are humorous. She only acknowledged that she had gone too far. Crossed a line. Instead of accepting responsibility for her action, she opened up the Left’s playbook and tried to cast herself as the victim. 

There are a “bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!” Boo hoo.  We “shouldn’t silence a comic!”  Ms. Griffin, you don’t get to call yourself a comic when holding the bloodied head of the President of the United States.

I know it makes you even crazier than you are, but Donald Trump is the President of the United States. He was duly elected by millions of Americans. Millions of Americans chose him to guide our nation and command our military. When you hold up a prop of his bloodied head, be ready for those millions of Americans to get angry.  

On a very personal level, the Trump family has every right to be sickened by what occurred.  They can talk or tweet all they want about your disturbed behavior.  After all, they didn’t just see you holding the mask of the commander-in-chief–they saw their husband or father.

Did it occur to you that some things just aren’t funny?

Maybe though, it all occurred to you. Maybe it didn’t matter, because all you care about is getting attention or as you so eloquently said, “Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise.”

 That’s really profound, Ms. Griffin.  And depraved.