They used to love, love, love Laci Green.

She was “sex-positive”—reveling in graphic “sex education” videos (her most famous: a 2014 number explaining how it’s no big deal to lose your virginity). 

She was on Dr. Phil, with harsh words for people who criticize young women for wearing skirts up to here and then wondering why they get catcalls (“slut-shaming!”) 

She got super props from feminists for calling out Brit “Big Brother” star Sam Pepper for making a video of himself pinching young ladies’ bottoms (“sexual harassment!”) 

That was then. But something happened to the 27-year-old YouTube veteran: She fell in love. With another YouTube veteran, Chris (“Ray Gun”) Maldanado, famous for his “men’s rights” railing against exactly the kind of dutiful feminist and social justice warrior that Laci Green used to be.

Oh my! Do they hate, hate, hate Laci Green right now!

Here’s the story, from Heat Street:

It’s like a Shakespearean play: Romeo and Juliet, the offspring of two separate and wildly divergent views who put aside their ideological differences for romance. Prominent feminist personality Laci Green and equally popular “anti-SJW” YouTuber Chris Ray Gun are dating.

They’ve hinted at their relationship ever since Green published a video to talk about “taking the red pill,” in which she criticized feminists who use social justice as a platform for bullying. Following speculation that the two were romantically entangled, Green and Gun have both revealed that they are dating, to the excitement of many folks critical of feminism.

But not all is well in paradise. Feminists and members of the social justice community have not taken the relationship well, declaring Green’s personal choices to be a betrayal of the movement. After all, she’s dating the man who created the viral “Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered” music video mocking social justice warriors. They’ve taken to criticizing, and even harassing Green.

Heat Street writer Ian Miles Cheong includes screenshots of the mostly unprintable slings and arrows (speaking of Shakespeare) that have been heaved at Green via videos and Twitter: She’s dating a white supremacist (actually, Maldonado is Puerto Rican), she’s sleeping with the enemy, she hates Muslims (I don’t know where that’s coming from), and so forth.

Self-described “trans activist” and HuffPost contributor Zinnia Jones has launched a campaign to break up the romantic pair:

Jones said she thinks “there’s a legitimate case to be made for us trying to push the Laci situation into some kind of breaking point as soon as possible,” because feminist work is more important than Green’s love life.

So far Laci Green is standing by her politically incorrect man. The website We the Unicorns commented:

The story is fascinating in the way it demonstrates the divided political landscape of the online world – and shows that a person’s beliefs, no matter how confident, may evolve or even entirely change with time.

Actually, the story is fascinating in the way it demonstrates how quickly and viciously your social-justice-warrior friends will turn on you once you stray a step off their rigidly ideological reservation.