Cosmopolitan has published their 2020 presidential shortlist of female contenders and surprisingly, not one of them has an R or and L beside her name. Yet, there are plenty of worthy candidates.

I had to reread the first few words of the post entitled, “7 Women Who Could Be Our First Female President” a few times:

When Hillary Clinton won the election on Nov. 8, 2016…

The post continued:

— and it was certain she was going to win — she would take the stage at New York City's Javits Center, a building made entirely of glass. As she and women across the country celebrated her shattering the highest glass ceiling, confetti designed to look like shards of glass would rain down from the literal glass ceiling

I had to check the date that this was published to be sure this wasn’t written June 27, 2016.

Cosmo is looking ahead to the next presidential cycle and thinking of the best female candidates to cross the finish line – although in first place this time instead of second.

Their list starts with the most recognizable female senators, who have been busy raising their national profiles by pushing anti-Trump #resistance rhetoric: Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA), Kamala Harris (CA), and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY). Senators Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Tammy Duckworth (IL) round out the politicos.

Cosmo then looked beyond the Washington, D.C. Beltway and added Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and former Clinton White House staffer, and Oprah, who lacks political experience but more than makes up for it with business acumen and influence.

I’m surprised they left off Michelle Obama.

Apparently, these are the most qualified women in the United States who could run for president and win. It’s too bad that Cosmo’s politics cloud their view of other qualified women across the aisle. There are conservative women in office and in business who were left off this list, and we wonder why.

Future Female Leaders tweeted a bright response:

Nikki Haley. Mia Love. Condoleezza Rice. Carly Fiorina. Joni Ernst. Elise Stefanik. Susana Martinez & more. Yes, Cosmo, GOP women exist.

Readers should be aware that lists like this paint half a picture: the progressive view. Progressives position women as victims incapable of taking care of themselves in the workplace, the marketplace, school, and at home. The policies they put forward tend to be one-size-fits-all “solutions” (such as paid leave mandates and arbitrary minimum wage increases) that neglect the unintended consequences they trigger including less flexibility, less money, and fewer opportunities.

Why not aslo offer the free-market and limited-government perspective which believes in the independence of women. We believe women are capable of engaging successfully in the workplace, marketplace, school, and at home. Our policies focus on empowering women to make decisions for themselves, to negotiate for what we want, and to chase success.

Cosmo should add conservative women to this list and let their readers make a reasoned political choice. Just be prepared that that could mean not choosing a woman at all.