Nothing says "die" like superbly healthy young people lying on their backs in the middle of the street.

Although I've got to say that if I were a motorist trying to get somewhere, I might not find it all as amusing as I do.

Here's the baseline requirement for a "die-in": summer vacation to protest the Senate health-care bill. Click to this Politico article and take a look at the banner photo. See what I mean? As we know, the summer job that used to earn extra money for strapped college students is a vanishing phenomenon, supplanted by massive student loans, unpaid internships, and…plenty of leisure time for the higher-educated during the season of long days and short nights. What better way to spend it than reclining in the street?

Thank you, GOP Senate, for timing that bill for right around the Fourth of July weekend, so as to provide our nation's college population with something to do. Or not do, as the case actually is.

And since you'll want to be comfy on the concrete and even catch up on your sleep while doing a die-in, you'll need some expensive padded outwear and high-quality sneakers. Check and check in the Politico photo. And don't forget your cardboard tombstone! For writing "GOP Took My Coverage" on.

The supine poses are what Politico calls the "shock tactics" of "the left" in fighting the repeal of Obamacare:

“We must be far more visceral,” said Jason Haber, a Manhattan real estate investor who started a super PAC that he said will host mock funerals — including “tombstones, coffins, even eulogies” — later this month for “the constituents that will be killed as a result of losing access to health care.”

A "real estate investor" is on the left? I thought Karl Marx said property is theft.

Haber, who has worked in New York Democratic politics, said “in the age of Trump, nothing short of blunt and brute force will work as a counterweight,” adding, “We can’t win based on the merit of our ideas but rather on the way in which we deliver that message.”

Because lying supine holding a cardboard tombstone is so blunt and brute.

In another effort going viral, an American University student has begun collecting requests from people to ship their remains to members of Congress — should they die without access to health care. The student, Zoey Jordan Salsbury, told the Washington Post that she’s received a lot of interest in shipping remains to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Well, you were pretty tired of looking at that urn of Aunt Rose's ashes sitting on the mantelpiece day after day, weren't you?

Twitchy has a great collection of die-in photos on Twitter: Die-ins in San Diego, die-ins in St. Petersburg, die-ins on the Houston Metro (although isn't sprawling on a subway seat illegal "manspreading"?)–never have so many young people found so little to do.

Alternatively, you can dress up like the Death character in The Seventh Seal. Or like a "Handmaid," if you've got an extra red bathrobe and white bonnet lying around.

 What would the oppo-Obamacare repeal folks do if colleges stayed open year-around?