Rolling Stone magazine wants Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be president of the USA.

Trudeau is on the cover with the legend, "Why Can't He Be Our President?"

Well, let's see–maybe because Trudeau is not a native born U.S. citizen and unlike the man who is president, he did not receive the votes of 68 million Americans and an Electoral College wipeout.  

The Rolling Stone website doesn't go quite so far. Fox summarizes:

Perhaps recognizing that only American-born U.S. citizens can become president, the magazine takes a different tack on its website.

There its headline for the article posted Wednesday is: "Justin Trudeau: Is the Canadian Prime Minister the Free World's Best Hope?"

Trudeau is pictured with his shirt sleeves rolled up perched on the edge of a desk.

In the profile, writer Stephen Rodrick outlines stark contrasts between Trudeau's liberal views on health care, marijuana legalization and environmental policies and those voiced by U.S. President Donald Trump.

This is really the fantasy of a return to the Obama years: a cool, handsome leader who makes followers swoon, while putting in place policies that appeal to an elite that won't have to live with the results.  

We shouldn't take a Rolling Stone cover too seriously. 

Still, it's worth noting that Trudeau's views are not merely in opposition to "those voiced by U.S. President Donald Trump" but also in opposition to the people who voted for Trump and who still want a more free-market health system that delivers services rather than insurance cards for the wallet and a sensible environment policy that doesn't make them poorer.

But what do they know?