Hurricane Harvey is the kind of natural disaster that will engender stories that Texans will tell a hundred years from now. The responses from Texans and other Americans who want to help has been inspiring.

Families are faced with the loss of all they hold dear. So what do some of the supposedly feminist members of the posh media and some similarly misguided folks focus their attentions on?

Melania Trump's shoes.  I kid you not.

Yes, the first lady wore stiletto heels as she left the White House to accompany her husband to hurricane-ravaged Texas, although she changed into sneakers on the plane before she and the president emerged from the plane. The infamy! (Patrice also has commented on the misguided focus on the first lady's shoes.)

Fox gave some choice quotes:

One critic, a "sex writer" for the website "Refinery 29" called Mrs. Trump "flood watch barbie" for wearing the designer heels while boarding Marine One.

Maria Del Russo also mocked the 47-year-old, saying her outfit was her way of screaming "I'm an out of touch elitist. And, what is a hurricane?"

The New York Times' headline on its important analysis of Mrs. Trump's footwear ("When is a shoe not just a shoe?") indicated that the first lady is "on thin heels." It quoted this tweet from somebody called Todd Stashwick:

Nothing says I'm in touch with people like . . . [with a picture of Mrs. Trump's heels and the comment that "Manolos are the new rain boots."]

Nothing really says out of touch elitist like the media's harping on Mrs. Trump's heels when the Trumps are heading to Texas to comfort people in the midst of a disaster. Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce eviscerated them last night:  

Bruce said Del Russo and others were "harpies" that are jealous of Mrs. Trump's popularity.

Carlson added that Hillary Clinton "taught us" that an "attack on one [woman] is an attack on all."

"When you criticize one woman, you're criticizing all women," he added, paraphrasing Clinton.

You can watch Tucker and Tammy here.

Meanwhile, Texans have welcomed the Trumps. Thus far the response to the hurricane, both from government and individuals (here and here), should make us proud.

We know who the real heels are, don't we?