As tragedy continues to unravel in Houston and surrounding communities in Texas, our hearts go out to the many families affected by Hurricane Harvey. 
The devastation has destroyed countless homes, businesses and left families with nowhere to go. We are especially upset for the families and small children struggling to find food, supplies and clothing. 
We want to do all we can to help those in need in this desperate time. Looking to local organizations to help is always a good first step, which is why we've compiled a list of possible charities to consider donating to. We've listed the local charities first, and please take note especially of the Texas Diaper Bank and South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. 
Reports say the worst may be yet to come as Harvey's aftermath takes it's toll on the area. It's vital to push funding and resources consistently so the most people possible can be helped in real time. 
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
Texas Diaper Bank
United Way of Greater Houston

All Hands Volunteers
Heart to Heart International
Convoy of Hope