Corporate America sometimes gets a bad rap — but it's clear they aren't the villains some have made them out to be. Just like they did in Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, many of America's biggest businesses have stepped up in a big way to help with Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. 
As of September 3rd, corporate America had donated over $157 million in aid — and no doubt the number continues to rise. Sixty-nine companies alone have donated at least $1 million dollars with Wal-Mart putting in a whopping $20 million total. 
While the private sector certainly cares about profits (of course, that's business!), it's clear the freedom we have in the United States to build such large companies also affords those companies the ability to help when the country needs them the most. According to a report in CNN Money:
“In 2005, Hurricane Katrina and Rita brought in more than $1 billion in business aid within the first six months of each disaster, according to the Chamber of Commerce Center for Corporate Citizenship.
The Indiana Ocean tsunami in 2004 raised $566 million from corporate donations, while the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami brought in $301 million. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 raised $141 million within the first six months in business aid, per the Chamber’s data.”
When disaster strikes, you can count on America’s business community to step in and help. You can find an extensive list of companies – from Verizon ($10 million!) to Wells Fargo ($500,000), who have donated to Harvey Relief efforts here