Recently a column in the Washington Post posed the question, “Women are Speaking. Does Anyone listen?” The headline immediately caught my eye and after reading the column, I was once again reminded how those on the left don’t acknowledge the voice of conservative-leaning women.   It seems they only hear women of the left.

This writer claims that thanks to President Trump, we are now experiencing a surge in sexism and women are being silenced.  Funny, I hear many women speaking out consistently and proudly every day. Don’t they?

Anyone in America who has recently turned on the television this week has undoubtedly heard the United States Ambassador to the United Nations (former Republican Governor of South Carolina), Nikki Haley speak. Speak she does and she does it strongly. She’s been speaking for a long time and I am grateful her determined voice is all over the airwaves right now. I have a feeling that “Rocket Man” heard her loud and clear.

Another woman who is speaking her heart out is Kellyanne Conway. This Counselor to the President has spoken unflinchingly for months about the President’s agenda. Conway has engaged in verbal combat from the moment she joined Team Trump.  She speaks all day long and never seems to tire. 

So too, does Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary. She has to make certain what the President wants to communicate is clearly communicated. She talks and talks and then talks some more. 

For a President who has been called “sexist,” it is certainly interesting that two of the most visible members of his Administration are these impressive high-profile women.

It is one thing to speak and not be noticed by many on the left, as has often been the case with conservative women. It is another thing to speak and be attacked.

 Our First Lady Melania Trump certainly knows what that feels like.  Melania Trump could define what it means to speak. She speaks six different languages.

Unfortunately, there are those in Hollywood and on the left (is there a difference) who instead of commending her mastery of multiple languages, mock her, because she “can barely speak English.”

The same types who make comments about her language speaking ability are also probably busy criticizing her choice of footwear or the price of her clothes. These people aren’t interested in listening to what she might actually say. She is either ignored when speaking seriously or vilified any other time.

Another woman, who knows how harshly women on the right will be attacked when trying to speak, is our Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. As Secretary DeVos expressed her views on Title IX and its application to campus sexual assault cases, a Texas professor tweeted he would be “ok” if Secretary DeVos was sexually assaulted.  

Let’s not forget that when Secretary DeVos assumed her position earlier this year, there were people physically tying to block her from entering a Washington school. Secretary DeVos continues to speak and do her job, in spite of the verbal and physical obstacles put in her path.

We all have the right to speak and express our many different opinions. It’s certainly not easy to go out and speak publicly knowing there is harsh judgment often waiting.  The more they try to block, mock, scare you; the more important it is to deliver your message your way.

Women on the right and on the left: keep talking.