In an interview today with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), I asked about the current healthcare debate being battled in Congress. Despite cries to the contrary from some, the Affordable Care Act is — and has been — failing the American people since it's inception. Stefanik had a few things to say about why she supports repealing and replacing the ACA: 

"I find that substance often gets lost in the debate. Details matter when you're dealing with 1/5th of our domestic economy. the fact of the matter is, Obamacare is failing. We're continuing to see double digit increases in premiums. We're continuing to see people not have choices when they go on on their exchanges in their states. 

…One-third of the counties across this country only have one choice on the Obamacare exchange. I think it's important we talk about the details and not just the top line…which is often portrayed on network news and the media. The ACA included tons of taxes, whether it's the medical device tax or the health insurance tax and that's something that has an impact on families across the country when they are struggling under increases in healthcare costs. People need to have relief, they need to have better options and more affordable, accessible healthcare. We need to have a relief package for American families who are struggling with lack of access to healthcare because the costs continue to rise. 
I try to get to the facts of the matter and that is looking at the lack of choices in counties across the country, looking at the increases in costs, hearing firsthand from constituents who are struggling with the increases of the ACA."