Not everything done with good intentions goes that way. Such is the case with the Affordable Care Act, a healthcare policy put in place during President Obama's time in office, that has continued to leave families high and dry when it comes to their finances. As you already know, promises about keeping your doctor and health insurance plan were broken. Worst of all, healthcare premiums rose by hundreds of dollars, in some cases, for families who simply can't afford it. 

The pain is still fresh — and constant — for those who had to adjust their budgets to cover the rising costs the ACA brought into their lives. We have featured many of these people at IWF over the years. With the ACA still in play, as the recent GOP healthcare bill was tabled, women and families are still suffering. Here are just a few of the faces of women being affected by the ACA's outrageous premium increases: 

It's past time for something that works better for everyone. As we reported earlier this week, half of Americans say they can't afford more than $100/month for their healthcare premiums. Are politicians listening to the people? Women often end up paying the majority of financial decisions for their families — and balance the books. Let's find a healthcare plan that doesn't put so many family budgets in jeopardy.