Conservatives are giddy that Saturday Night Live made fun of Democratic leaders in Congress as being past their sell by date in a skit night before last. Don't get your hopes up though. Remember: SNL is not your friend.

The skit had Democratic leaders celebrating Tuesday night's electoral victories. It was in the form of an ad for Mark Cuban who has hinted at presidential ambitions. It featured Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer as "fresh new faces" celebrating the wins and proclaiming, "We're back."

Some of it was perceptive. The Tim Kaine character would only speak Spanish. Here's a description from Hot Air:

The skit also highlights the Democrats lack appeal to Midwestern voters. “We can’t just focus on coastal elites,” Kate McKinnon’s says as Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “We need mouth breathers from Wisconsin.”

After Hillary tries to peddle herself as viable for another presidential run, Donna Brazile promises to “destroy all of this.”

OUCH! The best humor is derived from reality. This skit is going to leave a mark because the Democrats do indeed have an identity crisis. Not many voters are going to want to “put a ring” on any of these candidates. Donna Brazile might have to burn it down in order to rebuild it. If Hillary tries to run again, she might as well bring the match to get things started.

The Democrats keep trotting out the same old faces in an attempt to persuade voters to join them. John previously wrote about how Joe Biden is toying with the idea of launching a White House bid in 2020. Given his proclivity for publicly touching women who aren’t his wife, this may not be the time for the aging former Vice President to toss his hat in the ring.

I actually came away from the skit with a different take.

Donna Brazile can be viewed as a palate cleanser for the Democrats: her book may not have driven a stake through Hillary Clinton's ambition for a comeback, but she certainly rendered an actual comeback far more difficult.  

Could we see the SNL skit in the same vein–a palate cleanser before Democrats take stock and begin to move forward? ABC is already reporting that in planning to retake Congress, the Democrats are looking at military veterans as candidates.

And Powerline pointed out something else interesting about the "fresh new faces" in the skit–the actors portraying the aging Democrats really did look young.  (Powerline has a link to the skit.)