A new Gallup survey finds that the majority of Americans don't care whether the boss is male or female.

Moneyish sums up he findings:

A narrow majority (55%) now says it has no gender preference for a boss at a new job, a first since Gallup began asking the question nearly 65 years ago. Also unprecedented: People who prefer one gender over the other are split almost evenly, with 23% choosing male and 21% choosing female.

The percentage preferring a male boss is 10 points below what it was in 2014 and 43 points below what it was in the 1953 reading.  

Gallup entertained the idea that the increased acceptance female bosses in the survey, which was done earlier this month, to the recent sexual harassment scandals involving Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile bosses. But couldn't it be just that attitudes have changed over the two years since Gallup last asked the question?

There are still more male bosses: 52 percent to 32 percent female bosses. The percentage of female CEOs remains  small: 6.4 percent, according to a recent Fortune magazine. We certainly won't discount that there may be some discrimination out there, but this statistic also could reflect personal choices women make.

Fifty-five percent is a slight majority, but given the trend, it will likely be even higher next time Gallup asks this question

These results are one more reminder of how misguided and counterproductive it is of the left to try to convince young women that the deck is stacked against them.