Balancing work and family life is no easy task — and that's why paid family leave is always such a hot topic. But conclusions on how to make it work don't always match up. Fortunately, there's a new policy proposal out from Senator Deb Fischer that serves to make nearly all parties happy. 

Fisher's proposal encourages companies to voluntarily provide two weeks of paid family leave and is currently in the Senate Tax Reform bill. It would be based on a tax credit as an incentive for employers, especially small businesses that have small budgets.

As Fischer has said

"The measure is also targeted to those who need it most: lower-to-middle income and hourly workers. The plan sets a limit on the salary-level eligible for the credit, which would expand access to paid family leave for workers who currently don’t have it."

In our latest podcast interview, IWF President Carrie Lukas speaks with Fischer about why this plan is a better option than mandating leave policies. Fischer explained that a recent Pew study found that 87% of Americans prefer her approach rather than having the government mandate rules onto small businesses who simply can't afford it. 

Fischer said she wants to "make sure we have people who are really going to see a benefit from it…and that it works for families."