In a new IWF podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who explained how opioid addiction has wrecked so many hopes, dreams, lives, and communities. 

Lt. Gov. Taylor explained the efforts already underway in Ohio to combat addiction, including cracking down on pharmacies and doctors who've acted badly and boosting law enforcement efforts and seizures of illicit drugs. She's proposing new ways to enlist private sector partners to help the state fight back against the opioid crisis, as well.

Recently, President Trump declared a national public health emergency. I asked Lt. Gov. Taylor what this means for the state of Ohio. "We've always treated it like an emergency, and we welcome… the substantive solutions to help address this crisis." Lt. Gov. Taylor mentioned border security as one role the federal government can play in helping states keep illicit drugs out. 

We're thankful to Lt. Gov. Taylor for her leadership and attention to this critical issue. 

Listen to the full podcast here: