I'm no fan of Hollywood and even less impressed with entertainers who rant about policy issues about which they know very little or take pot shots at government employees who bravely stand up and face the press each day. Yet, stars can and sometimes do use their fame for good. Take the heatbreaking case of Knoxville teen Keaton Jones who just last week appeared in a heartbreaking viral video begging to be left alone by school bullies.

This isn't easy stuff to watch and yet, the follow-up story is the sort of thing Hollywood tear-jerker movies are made of. After the video when viral, several A-list celebrities reached out to Jones, including Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. Even Captain America himself, Chris Evans, tweeted the teen to invite him and his mother to the premier of the latest Avengers movie. That's cool.



Of course, the real hero of this story is young Jones who with brutal honesty, bravery, and a genuine curisouty about what makes people be so mean to each other highlighted an issue all parents should be aware of and guard against–bullying. It's important that parents not only be aware of the bullying their children might be experiencing; it's important parents talk to their children about the bullying they purpetuate, either through actively engaging in it or sitting passively and letting it happen to others. 

I hope little Keaton Jones goes to Hollywood and has a great night at a movie premier. And I hope his classmates learn a valuable lesson about how kindness is the better path.