Years after the Affordable Care Act's passage, the idea that 15 unelected individuals have the authority to decide what Medicare services will be cut or reallocated, in effect reducing the authority of the doctor and patient to make decisions, remains deeply troubling to many Americans.

The board entrusted to unilaterally and without oversight make what will be life or death decisions is the Independent Payment Advisory Board–IPAB–and a new survey  from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance shows that Republican voters overwhelmingly favor repealing it.

Republicans in Congress repealed the Affordable Care Act's unpopular individual mandate (you paid a fine if you did not buy a government-approved health insurance policy) through the tax bill, but the survey shows that GOP voters still want ACA repealed, and regard the repeal of IPAB as a step in that direction.  

According to the Taxpayer Protection Alliance, here are the results of the survey:

  • 73 percent of Republicans believe Obamacare needs to be eliminated and that “repealing any part of it is a good start.”
  • 60 percent of Republicans claim that, “repealing both the individual mandate and IPAB is a big step towards repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.”
  • Two-thirds (65 percent) of Republicans and a majority of seniors (54 percent) agree that, “IPAB is one of the worst parts of Obamacare;”

“With last year’s repeal of the individual mandate, Republicans in Congress have the momentum to further undo the damage Obamacare has inflicted on the healthcare system,” said TPA President David Williams. “Next on the list should be repealing IPAB, one of the worst parts of Obamacare. IPAB allows unelected bureaucrats to cut Medicare without Congressional approval and inserts government between Americans and their doctors.”

 “Giving 15 unelected officials the authority to make cuts to Medicare without oversight is undemocratic and unacceptable,” said Williams. “Fortunately, President Trump’s voters share this view. In fact, 60 percent of voters who supported the President in 2016 believe that repealing IPAB is the next [best] step in repealing the ACA In 2018.” Williams continued, “Republicans in Congress should do what they were elected to do and repeal Obamacare. If that’s too difficult, IPAB repeal should be next on their list. Their voters will reward them.”

The survey was conducted in two phases late last year by Morning Consult–2,586 registered voters were surveyed between November 16-19 and an additional 1,991 registered voters between December 14-18, 2017.