Does the White House Have A Cure-All Plan for Paid Family Leave?


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


WASHINGTON, DC — In response to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address Independent Women's Forum President Carrie Lukas issued the following statement:

“President Trump gave an earnest speech addressing the challenges that confront our nation and celebrating how the past year’s policy agenda is uplifting all Americans.

“Americans–including American women–have a lot to applaud. Women’s unemployment is at a 17-year low. Wages are finally increasing, markets are soaring, and everyday businesses are rewarding workers with bonuses, wage increases, and increased benefits, as well as creating new investments and job openings in response to tax reform.

“Since taking office last year, President Trump has prioritized cutting red tape that prevents job creation and emphasized the need to help women and families by making childcare more affordable and improving access to paid leave.  

“Tonight President Trump encouraged investments to help working families by supporting a plan to expand access to paid leave for new parents. He has not only spoken of paid leave as a priority, but he is the first President to include a paid-leave line item in the budget.

“Independent Women’s Forum is proud to have published the first paper outlining an innovative approach to expanding access to paid leave benefits without growing government.  Unlike paid leave proposals before it, the Social Security Parental Benefits solution would allow  all eligible workers in the United States to access paid leave benefits without raising taxes, imposing mandates on employers, or hurting workers’ economic opportunities.

“Importantly this budget-neutral proposal could enable new parents who want and need paid leave to receive up to 12 weeks of benefits in exchange for delaying their retirement benefits for only six weeks.  This wouldn’t impact any existing compensation arrangement or employers’ benefit programs, but could be a lifeline for those who really need it.”

“It’s a shame that in an attempt to undermine President Trump’s first-year accomplishments and send a distorted message to women everywhere, Democratic women used the occasion to make a partisan, political statement.  That’s not what most American women are looking for in a State of the Union address. They wanted to hear about the progress we are making and plans for the future.  That’s what President Trump delivered.”



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Caroline Phelps
Communications Consultant

Independent Women’s Forum
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