The resistance to President Donald Trump made its objections loud and clear on the night of his first State of the Union address.

A few blocks away, at the National Press Club, activists gathered for another form of protest — to hold an alternative State of the Union to make a statement about gender inequality in America and the power women hold when they stand together collectively.

Not all women supported the counter protest of the state of the union. 

Independent Women's Forum President Carrie Lukas said in a statement that women have plenty to applaud when it comes to Trump's agenda and his record. She lauded the low unemployment rate among women, the booming stock market, tax reform and Trump's support for paid family leave.  

“It’s a shame that in an attempt to undermine President Trump’s first-year accomplishments and send a distorted message to women everywhere, Democratic women used the occasion to make a partisan, political statement," she said. "That’s not what most American women are looking for in a State of the Union address. They wanted to hear about the progress we are making and plans for the future. That’s what President Trump delivered.”