I’m tired of seeing parents getting criticized for normal behaviors. It happens all the time. Give your kid a happy meal on a busy night? Better not post that on social media. Letting your kid watch an extra hour of TV? Better make sure you keep that a secret. We all deal with the fear of being judged as a bad parent. But last week, things got really out of hand when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was criticized on Twitter and elsewhere for kissing his little boy on the mouth.

This Buzzfeed article offers a solid rundown of the dissaproving Tweets from people who are made up of equal parts dirty thoughts and sanctimony.

Brady’s not the only one who has received criticism for the heretofore normal behavior of kissing one's kid on the lips. Last summer, singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham was the focus of online trolls who criticized her for kissing her adorable daughter on the lips (her husband David also received similar backlash…why are these people still on social media?).

Let’s just contemplate what these Tweets are suggesting—the unspoken subtext here is that Brady and the Beckhams were sharing sexual kisses with their kids.

It says a lot about a culture when masses of people come to the same weird, unsettling conclusion and have no compuction about sharing these bizarre thoughts on sical media. What sort of person sees a dad kissing their young kids as sexual, instead of what it is–the normal interaction between young kids and their adoring parents.

Like Brady's son, my son just turned eleven. He’s a pretty normal kid who likes his teachers, pinewood derby, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Nerf gun battles with his brothers, his high-tech Xbox and his low-tech chessboard. But more than anything, my son loves cuddles and kisses and most mornings, before school, we kiss on the lips, just like I used to kiss my mom and dad before leaving the house.

Those who read more into these sweet gestures between parents and kids should examine their own twisted and sick way of thinking and leave these parents alone.