Move over, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

MSNBC's Katy Tur manages to be even more condescending than Ms. Pelosi, who called $1,000 bonuses triggered by tax reform "crumbs." 

Here is what Ms. Tur tweeted in regard to a campaign-style event in Ohio, where President Trump naturally touted tax reform and the consequent bonuses:

"Gentleman at Ohio Trump event says he's going to save to start a family with his 1,000 dollar one time bonus," Tur tweeted after the first worker spoke. "Average cost to give birth to one child in Ohio is $5,836.

Note to Ms. Tur: The Ohio man didn't think his thousand dollars would pay the entire cost of having a child. He said he was going to use the thousand dollars to start saving. Starting saving for a child, last time I looked, among normal people, was commendable, not something to require condescending edification from an MSNBC star.

But Ms. Tur was not finished. She tweeted:

Woman who just spoke says she's going to use her $1,000 bonus and tax cut to help buy a home and pay for her two kids who are going to college.

In Hamilton Co, Ohio (where they are) avg home is $277,582

Avg cost of private college nationally ~35,000
Public $19,000  

Again, Ms. Tur, the woman was going to apply her bonus to saving for goals in life, a house, educating her children. Maybe this is not the way it works for rich people, but you start small and build a nest egg. Got it?

Ms. Tur was the recipient of some witty tweets that sought to enlighten her about how responsible, ordinary people are able to save and manage their money.

David Rutz:

Fascinating logic, by the way. So it would be better if these little poor people didn't get this $1,000? They will forever be childless and destitute? I mean, they couldn't possibly have jobs or anything. Such a weird tweet

Steve Krakauer:

This is some monumentally absurd, condescending analysis.

If you got $1,000 and chose to save it, it would absolutely help with a future purchase, starting a family, or college tuition for kids. It doesn’t PAY for it, and no one thinks it does.

Sean Davis was concerned about Ms. Tur's grasp of figures:

I'm not sure you understand how mortgages work. Or how saving money works. Or how math works. Basically anything with numbers.

Fox's Stephen Miller noticed that Ms. Tur's tweets have some resemblence to Democratic talking points, tweeting:

Firefighter or DNC spokesperson. You decide

My favorite was this one from neontaster–loved the hilarious image it conjures up:

*Little girl takes dollar she earned doing chores and puts it in a piggy bank*

*Katy Tur busts through the door*


More response to Ms. Tur here.