IWF Statement on New Tariffs on Foreign Steel and Alumninum  

Thursday, March 8, 2018


WASHINGTON, DC — Independent Women's Forum Policy Director Hadley Heath Manning today released the following statement in response to the formal announcement from President Donald Trump that the U.S. will impose new tariffs on steel and alumnium:

“President Trump is making a mistake by imposing tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. While we all want to see a stronger American labor market, there are other important consequences of tariffs: These increased costs will be passed along to other industries, costing jobs, and ultimately, to American consumers.

Free trade makes us all more prosperous. Sadly and ironically, by levying tariffs, President Trump is inviting reciprocal actions from our trade partners that will limit the ability of our domestic industries to sell American products abroad.

The true path to growth for American industries, including steel and aluminum, involves reducing barriers and burdens on business. The tax reforms and deregulatory actions that President Trump has backed so far are examples of progress in the right direction. To levy heavy tariffs now is to take a step backward and work against our own economic success.




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Caroline Phelps
Communications Consultant

Independent Women’s Forum
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