Popular female rapper Cardi B took Uncle Sam to task over taxes and the misuse of government dollars. She said what many of us think every time we write a check to the IRS or view our paystub.

In one of her well-known social media videos, Cardi B, who has seen a meteoric rise from her days as a stripper to an internationally-known recording artist, slams the misuse of taxpayer dollars. She says [warning: profanity in the following quotes]:

So you know the government is taking 40 percent of my taxes and Uncle Sam, I want to fucking know what you’re doing with my fucking tax money!

"When you donate, like, to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they’re doing with your donation. I want to know what you're doing with my fucking tax money! Because I’m from New York and the streets is always dirty, we was voted the dirtiest city in America… there’s still rats in the damn trains.”

Cardi B wants receipts and updates on her tax dollars. Don't we all.

Rapper and mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs agreed in a comment to her video:

"diddy@iamcardib I’VE BEEN ASKING THE SAME MOTHER FUCKIN QUESTION!!!! Real talk. WHERE’S IT AT!!!! We need some back so we can take care of our people!!!

Government should let us keep more of what we earn so that as private citizens we can help our communities. That's called philanthropy. 

America has a proud tradition of private philanthropy and we are the most generous nation on the planet! 

At least Congress gave us tax cuts in December, but this is an issue of accountability for public spending.

Our tax dollars enter public coffers (local, federal, and state) and get disbursed.

Our money goes to pave roads, educate kids, shelter the homeless, and pay for police and firefighters to keep us and our property safe. The laundry list is long.

While there's no dispute that taxpayer dollars support public goods, we can dispute whether those dollars are used efficiently and effectively. Cardi B makes that point when asking why the streets are dirty, rats are on trains, and prisoners get one jumpsuit for five months.

Cardi B paying 40 percent in taxes also highlights the penalty that Americans face when they become successful. You don't have to be an entertainer to understand the tax consequences of a raise, bonus, promotion, or new job.

Some social media followers are joking that Cardi B should join the ranks of 2020 contenders. She can do a lot more good highlighting the lack of accountability over public dollars and government spending. 

In the meantime, let’s hope that she's not shamed into apologizing for wanting better from our government.