A pair of university professors at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, a public university funded by taxpayers, has utterly annihilated and dismissed the notion of viewpoint diversity — the very essence of what academic life is generally about.

Instead of embracing and encouraging a plethora of ideas in their classrooms, professors Erin Miller and Tehia Stark-Glass assert that aspiring K-12 teachers with conservative views who resist internalizing social justice theories may not be qualified to work with students, especially children of color, according to a recent piece in Campus Reform.

In other words — if these professors had their way, all educators would hold political views that skew far Left.

The disillusioned duo advanced their position in a March 2018 journal article entitled “The Maintenance of Whiteness in Urban Education,” which was published in The New Educator.

An excerpt from the study’s abstract reads:

This study uses purposive sampling and qualitative methodologies to examine how white students with impervious dispositions that would likely not qualify them to work with diverse children at this point in their lives present us with opportunities to better understand the deeply rooted and complicated nature of whiteness in teacher education candidates and teacher education programs.

We found that among white students who seemed challenged most by course content in our classes, a recurring narrative was that many seemed to think they were being indoctrinated into anti-American values. Through interrogation of their own experiences in school, some found their personal experiences with discrimination made them less open to accepting the legitimacy of the lives of marginalized peoples. In some ways, they felt the values they were taught from their families and communities were being threatened by an overt attention to diversity in the class …

LifeZette reached out to professors Miller and Stark-Glass for comment and insight, but did not hear back from either by the time of publication.

Fortunately, beyond the halls of academia, not everyone is buying the brand of identity politics that’s purported by Miller and Stark-Glass.

“It’s amazing what qualifies as ‘science’ these days, particularly in the field of social sciences,” said Julie Gunlock, a senior fellow and the director of the Culture of Alarmism Project at the Independent Women’s Forum, based in Washington, D.C.

“These professors got the exact results they were looking for, but common sense could have saved them some time and university resources,” Gunlock also told LifeZette. She’s the author of the book “From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back.”

“The study would be humorous if it weren’t so dangerous.”

“It isn’t at all surprising that white conservative students rejected the social justice message that being white and conservative renders you incapable of complex thought and makes you prone to racism,” she said. “This study is nothing more than a form of intimidation — meant to silence conservatives and keep them out of the teaching fields.”

Gunlock’s assessment of the study should not be taken lightly.

Intimidation of conservative students on college campuses nationwide is real and rampant — and the Miller and Stark-Glass study is only the latest example.

Added Gunlock, “The study would be humorous if it weren’t so dangerous. Social justice warriors — whether students on campus or members of the faculty — are going to great lengths to silence debate in order to inoculate themselves and their movement from criticism.”