Fresh off Mumbai remarks portraying female voters as puppets of their husbands or bosses, Hillary Clinton said this at Rugters University (reported by The Hill):

Hillary Clinton is striking back at critics telling her to “shut up” following her 2016 loss, saying, “They never said that to any man who was not elected.”

“I was really struck by how people said that to me — you know, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason — mostly, ‘Go away, go away,’” Clinton said Thursday during an event at Rutgers University.

“And I had one of the young people who works for me go back and do a bit of research. They never said that to any man who was not elected. I was kind of struck by that,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from Eagleton Institute of Politics’ director Ruth Mandel about the former Democratic presidential nominee’s reaction to those who say she should “get off the public stage and shut up.”

Somebody should explain to Mrs. Clinton that nobody tells losing male candidates (or losing female candidates, for that matter) to "shut up" because we don't have to.

Most candidates who lose in the American system have the courage and moral fiber to accept the results with dignity and move on.

Male or female, they do not create a national (or really, international) psychodrama.

I don't have a "young person" to research this for me, but I feel that I can say quite factually that Mrs. Clinton's reaction to her loss is unprecedented.

She goes on to say:

"I'm really glad that, you know, Al Gore didn’t stop talking about climate change,” Clinton said to applause.

“And I’m really glad John Kerry went to the Senate and became an excellent secretary of State,” the former first lady continued. “And I’m really glad John McCain kept speaking out and standing up and saying what he had to say. And for heavens sakes, Mitt Romney is running for the Senate,” Clinton said.

What Mrs. Clinton fails to grasp is that none of the losing presidential candidates she cited spent the rest of their lives talking about the unfairness of their losses.

Whatever you think about Al Gore on climate change, he was able, at some point, to stop talking about losing an election and move on.

Mrs. Clinton has turned herself into a sad spectacle. Nobody wants to see a former presidential candidate do this.