Code of Ethics

  • Independent Women's Forum (IWF) is an independent entity that promotes policies that actually improve Americans' lives and opportunities.
  • IWF is politically independent.
  • IWF is supported by private individuals and partners.
  • When IWF takes a position, we do so to create a stronger, freer country, with better opportunities for all Americans.
  • Our commitment to limited government, economic liberty and personal responsibility–done by educating about and advocating for policies that are as principled as possible, while as pragmatic as necessary to actually achieve directionally-right changes that will benefit Americans—motivates those who support us.
  • IWF maintains a strict independent editorial policy. Our staff – not our donors – has final say over the content of our writing, campaigns, events and other work.
  • Maintaining these standards helps keep IWF free of outside influence and ultimately accountable to our mission