The young folks at NextGen America, an organization founded by billionaire Tom Steyer, certainly know how to celebrate Mother's Day.

With an ugly ad that warns mothers against the Republican Party, which is depicted as a white supremacist organization out to recruit their children. Here is PJ Media's description of the ad: 

At the climax of the ad, a distressed mother refers to the white nationalist rioters in Charlottesville, Va., last year as her son's "college buddies."

"I started noticing some issues with him, maybe in middle school," the mother begins. "The stealing started out small, a few dollars here and there. Not from me, oddly enough, but from less fortunate kids."

"He was never afraid to talk with girls, but things never really worked out for some reason," the mother continues, while the video shows a picture of her son carrying a "Baby Killer" sign against abortion.

The mother recalls, "I worried when he want to college, but he came home often. I guess he never really learned how to do his own laundry." At that point, the video displays a laundry basket with a prominent "Trump t-shirt."

Then comes the last straw: "It wasn't until I met his college buddies that I realized it might be too late," the mother says, with a photo of her son marching with a tiki torch in a scene clearly evocative of the Charlottesville riots.

"Only a mother can catch the signs early. This Mother's Day, talk to your child about the GOP," the mom in the ad concludes. "I wish I had."

Where to start?

The members of the mob at Charlottesville weren't anybody's "college buddies;" they were people who had been mobilized by a despicable white supremacist ideology. I doubt if many of them are enrolled in college.

How outrageous to depict young Republicans this way.

But increasingly it is the tactic of those who lack arguments and whose only alternative it to try to convince that perfectly decent people, who are not racists, are scary white supremacists.

As PJ Media points out, the Trump tax cuts are leading to more widespread prosperity and jobs, with black unemployment at a record low.

But these practical improvements to people's lives are lost on the Reisistance.

In fact, solid achievements that make people's lives better are only going to make the Resistance angrier.

But a Mother's Day attact? C'mon.Seriously, folks, you need a new artistic director.