If you are intimidated by how complicated it has become living a healthier lifestyle then Mamavation is your home. We are all in this together!

If you are not scared witless by the normal products we all use in our daily lives, then Mamavation will also attempt to rectify that.  

Just in time for summer, for example, Mamavation is out with warnings about deodorant, a very dangerous product, it seems, that not only causes cancer (naturally) but can knock points off your IQ. 

Deodorant, you see,  contains "hormone disrupting chemicals" that "are linked to various conditions such as obesity, diabetes, infertility, hyperactivity & behavioral problems in children, reduction in IQ, loss of memory, organ failure and then, of course, cancer."

And, according to Mamavation, the human carnage wrought by deodorant isn't at all accidental–the harm is cunning and willful. Mamavation explains:

One thing of note about the cosmetic industry in the United States is that it’s willfully flawed and downright dangerous at times. Ingredients inside products on the shelves are not independently tested nor are they evaluated by the FDA for safety before they are sold. And that’s because the cosmetic industry effectively polices themselves.

They determine what chemicals are safe and which are not, leaving us dangerously behind Europe in terms of safety.

Yes, one doesn't want to be dangerously behind Europe in terms of regulating our behaviors (please no jokes about Englishmen and bathing habits here).

Since one might not want to smell like a medieval peasant during the coming months, Mamavation offers a solution: the fabulous Mamavation Armpit Cleanse.  And it is so simple!

1. After you stop using your current deodorant, use a loofah when showering to remove dead skin and toxins from under your armpit;

2. Apply aluminum free baking soda to armpits when wet, then apply your natural deodorant. If you are sensitive to baking soda, as some people are, you can mix bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar and water to create a yogurt type of consistency. This is what I recommend for people who have sensitive skin;

3. When you smell an odor coming from your armpits, wash them and then apply aluminum free baking soda. After that, apply the natural deodorant again. Or if you are sensitive to baking soda,  use the bentonite clay mixture, and

4. Repeat this process for up to two weeks or until you natural deodorant works for up to 6 hours.

Note that the first day you start, you may be repeating these steps 5 to 10 times, but each day, that number will go down. Leah’s own cleanse ended after the 4th day, and the average person takes 4-7 days to complete this cleanse.

Leah of the exemplary armpits is Leah Segedie, creator of Mamavation and CEO of eco-wellness conference ShiftCon. She is author of Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier–All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!

If you can follow all Ms. Segredie's guidelines without driving your family crazy, you must have some family. Because chemical peril is everywhere. 

"Leah is so sincerely passionate about uncovering mistruths and problems that most of us have no idea about," writes Kelly Olexa, founder and CEO of FitFluential.com.

Maybe most of us have no idea about the IQ reducing propensities of deodorant because there is no scientific evidence? It takes a non-GMO leader like Segredie to ferret out this little-known fact about deodorant?

Ms. Segredie has an interesting side activity in plugging products she finds acceptable. She gets some dandy business testimonials:

"Leah played a huge role in the success of launching one of my clients, AllWhites and Better’n Eggs into social media, orchestrating 'buzz' in several online communities including Twitter, Facebook, and blogs," says GdB in the testimonials section of bookieboo, another Segredie's enterprise. "She even sat on the phone with Oprah’s personal trainer Bob Greene to walk him through how to tweet during a Twitter party! Leah invests and invests her time when she really has none to spare– with kids and a full-time health and wellness online community in tow. I look forward to seeing where her dedication to multiple crafts, moreover her commitment to helping moms overcome obesity, take her.”

“Leveraging the theme #MushroomMakeover, the Mushroom Council partnered with the Mamavation community to showcase mushrooms’ versatility in a variety of meals and weight loss efforts," testifies a spokesman for the Mushroom Council.

There is also a listing of Segredie-approved make-up products that can be purchased on Amazon.

Look, Segredie is free to offer her advice and give her imprimatur, despite the lack of scientific evidence for her her allegations.

But the scare tactics are what would be called hard sell tactics if Ms. Segredie were not cloaked in the mantle of protecting mothers from supposedly harmful products produced by knowingly harmful corporations.

I would write more but it's been six hours since I last scrubbed my armpits with baking soda and I must away to attend to making myself fragrant for the coming heat wave.